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Each template is designed to be easily customizable and integrated into your own games.

Some of our templates are fully premade games that can be published within minutes after purchasing the file. It's that easy!

Stop worrying about the time consuming parts of making Roblox games. These templates save you hours of work that is normally put into the basic game framework.

Trying to learn how to script? Study scripts within the templates to learn the functionality and syntax of LuaU!

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ShopDeHapy provides assets and other resources that are easy to implement and customize

Using our templates, you can create that dream game of yours.

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Game Development is HARD

I spent over a year as a beginner dev trying to figure out how to make a successful Roblox game. And finally after devloping my skills I have accumulated 500,000+ Visits and 1,000,000+ Robux

(Earnings in past year)

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Kickstart your next game with pre-made obby, tycoon, and simulator templates.

The DevAscend Package


Sushiwi Studios used ShopDeHapy's Simulator Pack, Leaderboard Pack, and Pet Index to create their game titled Sushi Clickers. ($55 USD)

After the first month, this game generated the team over 400k Robux ($1,395 USD)

Today, the game has brought in over 1 million Robux (3,500 USD) and is reinvesting the earnings into a new game, which will also include products from ShopDeHapy.

”Youtubers always put assets or at least good assets behind a pay wall. I am genuinely surprised you care about the community and want to help out!”

- f1uuter (Free Asset Pack)

”Bought the low poly asset pack, its great came out how I expected it and fits well into my game. Recommend buying it if you don't know how to use blender!”

- Tehleat (Low Poly Asset Pack)

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Don't want to make a game from scratch? We got you. You'll get instant access to 4 fully scripted game templates that you can publish within minutes. Each template is optimally scripted for you to make customizations with ease. The templates also include instructions on how to make these changes.

Hapy's Premium Clicker File ($90)

Tycoon Kit ($20)

Button Simulator ($55)

Obby Kit ($20)


Pre-Made Plug & Play Games



Intimidated by the various skills required to make a game? No problem! You'll also receive scripting lessons for both beginner and advanced developers to help you master the LuaU coding language. You will receive these weekly lessons for 3 months.

13 Lessons ($8 x 13)

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In addition to the weekly lessons, you will receive direct access to coaches who can help you with your struggles.

To create a private message with the coaches, simply create a ticket through the support channel and state the issue you are experiencing.

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Become a part of our private community where developers are constantly learning from one another and collaborating on projects.

In this server you will be able to participate in exclusive events and potentially be included in one of DeHapy's future videos.

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Hey, I'm Dominic!

My friends and I used to frequently try making a basic Roblox obby or tycoon, and we FAILED MISERABLY...

I had always dreamt of creating a game that other people actually enjoyed, but game development was very scary to me because of the various skills involved.

But one day I decided to try making a game in 24 hours, all while documenting the process for a YouTube video.

The game was TERRIBLE. But it gave me the confidence to continue learning about game development.

After just 6 months of learning the basics, I had a game with over 200 concurrent players that was generating me hundreds of thousands of Robux.

Fast forward to present day, where I have several developers working for me and am able to publish a game with high confidence in the success of the game.

My mission with this pack is to make game development less scary for everyone and save you months' worth of time.

You want to progress as a roblox developer before the competition gets too high for anyone to rise up.

Thousands of people are working on new Roblox games each day, making it even harder to stick out as a roblox developer.

If you speed up your development journey today, it could completely change your future success as a developer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For further help, please contact staff in the DeHapy's Hangout Discord Server.

"How was shopdehapy made?"

To create this website, I used a website hoster called Hostinger. They offer very cheap hosting services and make it very easy to create a website.

"How do I make the gamepasses/dev products in dehapy packs mine?"

If you have already made your own gamepasses, go to the browser version of roblox and find your desired gamepass. Then in the search bar you will see a string of numbers after "/game-pass/", copy this number and then open studio and open the game that you have purchased. In the explorer tab, type into the search bar the name of the gamepass/dev product that you desire to change, you should see a value with the # icon beside the name which you should then click. Go into the properties tab and paste the numbers into the "Value" property.

"Where do I get the dehapy Pack I Purchased?"

You will receive an email to the email address you provided during the purchasing process. It will arrive within an hour from which you can download the things you purchased. If you do not see the email, make sure to check your junk folder.

Can I purchase dehapy's packs with robux?

Unfortunately, you can't buy any products from shopdehapy with robux and any purchase you would like to make needs to be with currency on the website.

Still Have Questions?

Join our discord server with 4,000+ Developers and create a ticket for help!

"Bought the low poly asset pack, its great came out how I expected it and fits well into my game. Recommend buying it if you don't know how to use blender!"

-Tehleat (Low Poly Asset pack)

"5/5 Stars... system works perfectly. Got a few things needed to be fix but they made it better... Blessed I seen your video ngl."

- Jaquan (Egg System 1.0)

"I have used your pet system in game and I consider it a work of art. You are definitely going to be an extremely successful dev in the future."

- Ryansmithsoniansvideos5608 (Egg System 1.1)

"Youtubers always put assets or at least good assets behind a pay wall. I am genuinely surprised you care about the community and want to help out!"

- f1uuter (Free Asset Pack)

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