Egg System

  • Eggs can cost any currency chosen (Robux Included)

  • Shows all pets in order of rarity

  • Boosts: Extra Lucky, Super Lucky, Ultra Lucky

  • Custom Hatching Animation

  • Global Luck Multiplier (modify in settings)

  • Single, Triple, and Auto Hatch

  • Auto Delete (can disable in settings)

This Pack Includes...

Inventory System

  • Pet Crafting (create as many tiers as you want)

  • Shows how many of each pet exists

  • Equip Best

  • Delete All

  • Unequip All

  • Craft All

  • Multi Delete

  • Lock pets

  • Buy more pets + storage

  • Double click to equip

  • Automatic data store

...And, everything is easily customizable through our easy to understand settings!


  • 16 Custom Pets (Worth $15)

  • 8 Pre-set Rarities

  • Secret Pets Option

  • Cute Pet Follow Animation

High Quality UI

  • Rebirth Frame

  • Settings Frame

  • Pet Inventory Frame

  • Egg Hatching Frame

  • Codes Frame

  • Shop Frame

  • Settings Frame

  • Clicker Simulator Buttons

  • Side of Screen Stats + Buttons

Egg System ($15) +

Inventory System ($10) +

Full UI Pack ($15) +

16 Unique Pets ($12) +

Shop System ($8) +

Clicking + Rebirth System ($5) +

Codes System ($3) +

Pet Follow System ($4) +

Settings System ($3)

(Pet Included)


Let's see how it's being used...

@TrentsRevenge has been working on a roblox game which uses our Simulator Pack in addition to the Leaderboard and Pet Index. Using our packs, he was able to easily customize everything into a game of his own called "Coin Clicker"

After just 3 days of having the game public, Trent has made 7000 Robux!


Adding Pets

This egg system makes it very easy to add and remove pets from the game. To view which pets are in each egg, find the pets folder. You will be able to modify which pets are in each egg by placing them in the folders.

Pet Setup

To set up a new pet, select the pet model and enter the following command in the bottom of the workspace...


After entering the command, you should be able to see a bunch of stats within the pet model that you can customize!

Advanced Changes

This egg system is designed to be very easy to apply changes to. If you are a beginner and struggle to understand the code, reach out to tac0stew on discord. Taco is the master mind of this egg system, so he knows how to customize everything in the system. He may charge extra depending on the request.