QBit and I attempted to make this leaderboard as easy to understand as possible, with notes on nearly every line of code explaining what each line does and which parts you can customize.


-Player stats are not included in this purchase.

-Leaderboard model is also different from the image shown. The purpose of this product is to provide the system.

-If you need help adding stats to your game, I suggest watching this video: https://youtu.be/vJdye1rLudc?si=lDvIFTE6mufdUgN1

Test the leaderboard here: HAPY's ASSETS

Within this leaderboard's SETTINGS you can change:

  • What values you want to show on the Leaderboard

  • Number suffixes (M/B/T etc)

  • Color themes of buttons and background

  • Update time and min rank (100 default)

  • Money suffixes and prefixes (i.e. "$10" or "10R$" etc)

  • Chat Tags

  • Which value shows statues (and if they dance)

  • The folder location of specific values

  • The max value of a leaderboard (up to 8x10^55! thats 800 SpD)